Church of Scientology does not see humor in website dedicated to Tom Cruise

Sunday, September 25, 2005

The Church of Scientology has threatened legal action in order to take over ownership of the domain name of a web site which links to the odd behaviour of one of the world's most famous scientologists: Tom Cruise. has apparently received a fax and at least 6 emails in the span of 2 days from Scientology lawyer Ava Paquette of Moxon & Kobrin threatening a lawsuit of up to $100,000 if the domain name ownership is not transferred. This type of letter is often called a cease and desist letter.

The owners of have posted the complaints and their replies, saying that the site simply expresses opinion, does not make any claims, and clearly states that it has no connection to the Church of Scientology. "The site was put up as a single source to view all the recent hype Tom has made about the church - it does nothing but show Tom, so we are at a loss as to why the church is acting so rashly."

The Church of Scientology is notorious for pursing legal action against its critics, under the name of the "Religious Technology Center" (RTC). It previously made headlines when it used the US's Digital Millennium Copyright Act to remove, a site critical of Scientology, from Google's listings.