Christian Wulff elected Germany's new president

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Wulff in 2009.
Image: Martina Nolte.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel's candidate, Christian Wulff, was elected Germany's new President on Wednesday. Wulff was a candidate of Germany's centre-right coalition.

Wulff won 600 votes in the first round; 615 in the second and 625 in the third and final round, beating Joachim Gauck, who reached 494 votes.

"Ladies and gentlemen, an eventful day has ended and Christian Wulff is the president of the Federal Republic of Germany," Merkel said. "This was our nomination, out of conviction, because we believe that he will represent this country as president in a wonderful way," she added.

Wulff succeeds Horst Koehler, who resigned a month ago, and will be sworn in on Friday the 2nd.