China to sell warships to Pakistan

Tuesday, April 5, 2005

Pakistan will purchase frigate warships from China.

As Chinese premier Wen Jiabao continues his tour across South Asia, visiting first India and now Pakistan, it has been announced that Pakistan will purchase frigate warships from China.

China has also previously declared its hope of cooperation with India's government.

A frigate is a warship typically used to protect other naval vessels or merchant marine ships and to combat enemy submarines.

Pakistan and India have traditionally been considered rivals. Both nations, however, have garnerned favor and support from the US in recent times.

Pakistan has granted much support to the American campaign against terrorists in Central Asia. The United States has recently announced its intention to help India, a past rival of China, become a "superpower." India has also been planning military expansion/modernization. The United States has also declared its willingness to supply F-16 fighter jets to Pakistan as well.