Chilean football team arrives in South Africa

Monday, June 7, 2010

Humberto Suazo in 2006.

Chile's football team, coached by Marcelo Bielsa, arrived in South Africa on Sunday. The team's leading scorer in South Africa qualifying, Humberto Suazo, is currently injured and it is not known when will he play. Suazo scored ten times.

'La Roja' arrived at Nelspruit, where they were warmly welcomed by local authorities, Chilean residents, and many Chilean fans. "They arrived very well, very relaxed," said Chilean Ambassador Francisco Marambio to AFP. "I welcomed them and I wished them the best," he added.

Chile last played in a World Cup at France in 1998, where they managed to reach eighth place.

"Suazo seems OK, and he's recovering," said Marambio, who talked to Bielsa and Harold Mayne-Nichols, President of the Chilean Football Association. "We aren't a surprise, we aren't the favorites, but we can be," said Mauricio Isla, one of the players.