Chechen and Russian mothers in shock after baby mix-up

Thursday, April 2, 2009

A Chechen and Russian mother raised the wrong son for two years after the babies were swapped at the hospital.

Anna Androsova began investigating when her son had no family resemblance and developed a darker complexion and dark hair.

"It was a nightmare. I loved little Nikita but somehow always knew something wasn't quite right," said Androsova, "There was no family resemblance and my husband was suspicious."

She re-examined the maternity ward ID tag she still had in her possession. Androsova saw the tag read Zarema Taisumova.

Androsova found Taisumova to tell her of the mix up. However it wasn't until DNA testing was done at a hospital and a court case, that toddlers came to live with their biological parents.

Nikita, the dark-haired brown-eyed boy was renamed Ali and is at home with his biological Chechen mother Taisumova who deeply misses Adlan. It took weeks for Taisumova to recover from the shock.

"I can't turn off my love like a switch or a light," said Tiasumova, "I loved him for two years and will always feel I am his real mother. Of course, I am happy to have my own son but you can't help the way you feel."

Blue-eyed Adlan was renamed Nikita and was returned to his Russian biological mother Androsova. The family is adjusting to the transition from the first Nikita to the new Nikita.