Chavez equates Israel invasion of Lebanon and occupation of Palestine with Nazi oppression of Jews

Friday, August 11, 2006

File photo of Hugo Chavez

Venezuelan President, Hugo Chavez, compared Israel's activities in Lebanon and the West Bank and Gaza to what Hitler did to the Jews. "They are doing what Hitler did against the Jews," Chavez said to the Arabic news network Al Jazeera and on his radio program.

Chavez condemned the Israeli attacks and accused the Jewish state of committing a "new Holocaust" with the help of the United States, which Chavez called a "terrorist" country.

"Israel has gone mad and is inflicting on the people of Palestine and Lebanon the same thing they have criticized, and with reason: the Holocaust. But this is a new Holocaust." Chávez said. Over 1,000 Lebanese civilians are reported to have been killed in the Israeli offensive.

The Jewish Anti-Defamation League responded: "Clearly, President Chavez needs a reality check when it comes to the Middle East conflict."

Other accusations of Israel claim that Israel is involved in systemic racism via an "Israeli apartheid".


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