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The time is 22:00 (UTC) on June 18th, 2006, and this is Audio Wikinews News Briefs.


Author claims Al Qaeda planned to gas New York's subway system

United States

A new book claims that Al-Qaeda made plans to gas the New York subway system in 2003. According to extracts due to be published in next week's Time magazine, the author of The One Percent Doctrine, Ron Suskind, asserts that Al-Qaeda's number 2 cancelled the attack 45 days before it was due.

Legality of NSW traffic and parking fines to be tested in court


The legality of speeding and parking fines in New South Wales, Australia is set to be tested in court this week. A lawyer from Sydney will challenge the authority of the state's infringement processing bureau to issue fines for speeding and parking offences.

Croatia and Japan share point in Group F

sports – football or soccer

Japan and Croatia have drew 0-0 in the heat of Nürnberg, Sunday.

Brazil beat Australia with two second half goals in Group F

Brazil beat Australia 2-0 in a competitive encounter that got better as the game progressed in München, Sunday.

Romania lose 62-14 to France in rugby

sports – rugby

France defeated Romania 62 points to 14 in a rugby test match on Saturday at Cotroceni Stadium in Bucharest.

Argentina defeat Wales 45-27 in rugby

Argentina defeated Wales on Saturday in the second of two rugby test matches between the two nations.

South Africa defeat Scotland in second rugby test

South Africa defeated Scotland in the second of two rugby tests between the two nations, with the Springboks also winning the test in Durban the previous week.

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