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It's 20:00 UTC on 1 June 2007. I'm Wikinews contributor Terinjokes, this is Audio Wikinews News Briefs.

The Americas

Evan O'Dorney wins 2007 USA Spelling Bee competition

S-E-R-R-E-F-I-N-E. Serrefine, meaning a small forceps used to approximate the edges of a wound to close it during operation on an artery. By spelling the French word correctly, Evan O'Dorney, of California, USA, won the 2007 USA Spelling Bee Championship in Washington, DC.

Hillary Clinton's song contest reaches final round

In the race for 2008 United States presidency, many canidates are using Web2.0 technologies, like YouTube and Flickr, to engage voters. Hillary Clinton's attempt is make a song contest, which has reached it's final round. Some artists in her contest included Tunstall, Twain, and U2.


21 dead in south Thailand attacks

Thursday was one deadliest days on the south Thailand insurgency, killing 21 people. This total includes 12 soldiers killed by a IED and ambush; while others were killed in an attack on a mosque, killing 7 people, and 2 other deaths reported elsewhere. The Royal Thai Army reports that attack as "The biggest single attack yet", and described the 21 deaths as "shocking".


Treatment of Indonesian governor in Sydney causes diplomatic stir

Due to an incident involving visiting Indonesian governor Jakarta Sutiyoso, diaplomatic relations between Australia and Indonesia have been strained. Sutiyoso claims that New South Wales police entered his hotel room, using a master key, without knocking or announcing their presence, while he was taking a nap. New South Wales police, inquested Sutiyoso about the 1975 death of Australian cameraman Brian Peters, who was killed in crossfire.