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Audio Wikinews transcript – 25 April 2006 – 2247 UTC

The time is 22:47 UTC on 25 April 2006 (UTC), and this is Audio Wikinews News Briefs.


Lawsuit sends a Buffalo, N.Y. hotel proposal to the New York Supreme Court
Attorney Arthur J. Giacalone has filed a lawsuit in New York Supreme Court against the city of Buffalo's Common Council and Planning board, alleging that the proposed Elmwood Village Hotel was approved "without giving meaningful consideration to either the impact on the adjoining residential neighborhood, or the unique character of this section of Elmwood Avenue."

ANZAC Day marked throughout NZ and AU
Australians and New Zealanders throughout the world stood still and turned out in huge numbers for their national war memorial days in remembrance of the failed Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) — attack on Gallipoli, Turkey that began on 25 April 1915. The fateful attack was designed to end the First World War quicker by creating a supply line to Russia. A hundred thousand died in the battle, remembered every year as ANZAC Day by both nations.

Russian commander states that Tu-160 bombers have penetrated US airspace undetected
A senior Russian air force commander has claimed that new, upgraded Tu-160 bomber aircraft were unchallenged by US air defense systems when they penetrated a radar zone near the Canadian coast in US territory during an April training exercise, reports the Russian news agency RIA Novosti. Lieutenant General Igor Khvorov , Commander of Russia's long-range strategic bombers, said that the bombers successfully carried out four mock Tu-95MS cruise missile launches, 200 mock bombings, and 53 mock sorties during the exercise. The RIA Novosti reported that the US Air Force is currently investigating how the Tu-160's escaped detection.

An Emergency is declared in Peru as Mt. Ubinas threatens to erupt
The government of Peru declared a state of emergency in the vicinity of the Ubinas volcano on Saturday as it began to spew out ash and smoke over a 6km area, indicating a possible eruption in the near future. The civil defense institute has recommended the total evacuation of the 3,500 residents of the district of Ubinas. The Peruvian military has been ordered to aid in the evacuation of civilians from the area. Aid shipments of tents, water and powdered milk are being sent to the affected area

Cyclone Monica misses Darwin
Tropical Cyclone Monica has missed Darwin, the territorial capital of Australia’s Northern Territory, dissipating into a category one cyclone at 1030 AEST (0030 UTC). The cyclone was originally expected to hit Darwin as a category five, but lost power as it traveled across the Northern Territory, moving further south than anticipated. While this may bring relief to many residents fearing a return of the infamous Cyclone Tracy, authorities have warned that Monica still packs a punch and will bring 90 kph winds to the region

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