Car hits five-year-old Australian girl

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Saturday, May 6, 2006

A car driven by an 80-year-old man has hit a five year old girl at a pedestrian crossing at Frenchs Forest Road in Seaforth, in Sydney's north at 4 p.m. AEST.

Sophie Delezio, 5, was rushed to Sydney Children’s Hospital. She has injuries to shoulder, jaw, numerous rib fractures but her most serious injury is bleeding around her left lung. She is expected to fully recover. She is expected to be in intensive care for three weeks. She is not expected to have to undergo surgery. A drug called NovoSeven is credited with stopping the bleeding around her lung.

The 80-year-old driver of the car that crashed into her has been arrested on negligent driving causing grievous bodily harm and failing to give way at a pedestrian crossing. He is expected to front Manly Court on 15 July 2006.

Sophie was also involved in an accident involving a driver crashing into the Roundhouse Childcare Centre on December 15, 2003 causing her severe burns to 85% of her body. She also lost both feet, some fingers, and her right ear.