Canadian provinces brace for more flooding

Wednesday, June 8, 2005

Canadian forecasters are predicting more rain in the upcoming two days as floodwaters wash across southern Alberta, forcing people in West Bragg Creek and High River to evacuate their homes. [1]

As rain continues to steadily fall, Alberta Environment has issued a flood warning on more than 20 rivers as more than 100 to 170 millimetres have fallen in certain areas over the last few days.

The sight of swollen rivers brings to mind the floods of ten years ago in the same region, when water levels rose to such a height that, at the time, it was considered a once in a 125-year event. [2]

About 200 High River residents have been forced to evacuate and about 3,500 people living around the community’s golf course were put under a voluntary evacuation order.

Meanwhile, Manitoba has also seen more rain than usual this time of year and is facing a flooding situation that’s been described as worse than the one faced by the province in 1999. Roads and bridges have been washed out and fears are growing among farmers that their crops will drown under the watery conditions. [3]

There have been estimates that as much as 10% of crops may have been lost in Manitoba. [4]

The wet weather has also been affecting the neighbouring province of Saskatchewan, where a flood watch has been put on towns surrounding the South Saskatchewan River basin. [5]


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