Canadian federal elections underway

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The last polls in the Canadian election have closed in BC, and so far reporting polls are indicating a Conservative lead, which would end a 12 year long Liberal Government in Canada.

Currently all major TV news networks including CBC have projected a minority government for Harper's Conservatives with the last of BC's polls to decide just how big it will be.

Election results from reporting polls are below. Please note these include figures from those leading in polls, so these results could be subject to decreases as well.

This early election stemmed from the ruling Liberal Party government's loss in a motion of no confidence. The Liberal government has faced strong opposition from the NDP, Conservatives and Bloc Québécois as a result of an embarrassing sponsorship scandal.

Party Bloc Québécois Conservative Green Liberal New Democratic Independent
Reported results
(final results)
51 124 - 103 29 1