Canadian PM vows to push ahead with same-sex marriage bill

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin
Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin

Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin's Liberal government is planning on passing the same-sex marriage bill, Bill C-38, before the spring session winds up. The gay-marriage bill is being linked with the passage of a $4.6 million budget bill that provides more money directed at social services and foreign aid. The two bills will be the final confidence vote until the fall.

The opposition, the Conservative party, has vowed to do everything it can to defeat the Liberal government unless they pull the vote and wait until fall. Liberal House leader Tony Valeri tabled a notion early Tuesday to extend the spring sitting, delaying the scheduled summer break. The Liberal party is facing resistance from several of its backbenchers, some of who believe the marriage bill should be delayed until the fall.

At least three Liberal MPs have indicated that they might vote against the gay marriage bill along with the Conservatives and the Bloc Québécois. If the motion were defeated, the government would be forced to resign.


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