Calvin Murphy acquitted of molestation charges

Monday, December 6, 2004

Former Houston Rockets star Calvin Murphy, accused of molestation by five of daughters, was found not guilty by the jury, putting an end to the eight-month long trial.

The alleged incidents took place more than ten years ago, when the daughters, who are now grown, ranged in age from 6 to 16. They accused Murphy of fondling them and performing oral sex on them. Murphy has 14 children by nine women.

Murphy's attorney claimed that the women's accusations were false and that they were bitter because he did not treat them the same as he treated the children born to his ex-wife. Murphy's two daughters who were products of his previous marriage came to his defense.

The jury indicated that they found the women's statements unreliable. The former basketball star's lawyers said three of the five daughters had been trying to claim $52,408 in death benefits left in a teachers retirement account belonging to their mother, Phyllis Davidson. Murphy had a 20-year relationship and four children with Davidson, who died in a car accident in 1996.

This year, the three daughters continued their grandmother's attempt to stop Murphy from receiving the benefits. He was listed as the account's beneficiary, according to court records.

On Feb. 20, letters went to Murphy, his three daughters and their grandmother that Murphy was the account's rightful beneficiary. The money was never paid.

A month later, Murphy was arrested and charged with sexual abuse and indecency.

Because of the nature of the accusations, Murphy lost his job with the Houston Rockets, where he was a TV commentator. Murphy has not commented about if he has plans to return to a broadcasting career.


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