California Senator launches probe into National Guard abuse allegations

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Senator Joseph Dunn (D-Santa Ana)

California State Senator Joseph Dunn (D-Santa Ana) said on Tuesday he would launch contempt hearings against the California National Guard for failing to turn over documents relating to his investigation of illegal domestic spying by the National Guard. After intense discussion with a top Guard official, Dunn threatened to issue subpoenas against numerous top National Guard officials in what he called "stonewalling" by the Guard.

At the capitol hearing, Dunn asked outside counsel for the Guard George O'Connell, "Does the Guard have files on U.S. citizens?" O'Connel responded, "Senator, I don't understand what you mean by files."

Dunn then repeated his question to National Guard Lt. Col. Joseph Righello. "I don't know," Righello responded.