Bus drivers to strike in Auckland

Friday, April 1, 2005

Eighty thousand passengers will be affected in the event of a strike.

Stagecoach, Auckland's main busline, may suffer strikes from its workers on Monday. British-owned Stagecoach believes a one day strike has become unavoidable after unions representing over one thousand workers walked out of renewed negotiations yesterday.

Eighty thousand passengers making one hundred and fifty thousand trips in and area from Orewa to Pukekohe will be affected by the proposed industrial action. More strikes are also threatened for the following week.

Company operations director, Warren Fowler said, "They are looking hellbound to have a strike. We have now made four offers or proposals to the combined unions to reach a settlement and avert industrial action, but we just don’t seem to be making any headway - it’s very frustrating."

Unions advocate Gary Froggatt said he is frustrated the different offers represented different ways of dressing up the same amount of money. "They are using the same money - there is no increase in the money they are offering," he said.