British charities form fund recovery group

Monday, December 1, 2008

A group of 26 British charities have formed a group to lobby the government to provide them with the funds that they lost during the collapse of Icelandic banks.

The location of Iceland, whose collapsed banks have resulted in lost money for charities
Image: David Liuzzo.

The group, called Save Our Savings, will in addition to lobbying the government will also lobby the creditors of the fallen banks.

The chief executive of Cats Protection and Naomi House, Peter Hepburn and Khalid Aziz, are acting as spokespeople for the group.

"Naomi House has been campaigning for the safe return of our funds since October, and we are not giving up until they are returned in full," stated Aziz. "The £5.7million we have at risk has been donated by our supporters in the local communities we serve. We owe it to them and the families who use Naomi House to keep up the pressure on the administrators and the Government to ensure that this is done as soon as possible."

"The team at Naomi House has been working with Cats Protection to secure a place on the Creditors Committee; success will give the hospice a voice during the administration process," he continued. "Forming the action group, Save Our Savings, will help to achieve this, and by working together, we increase our chances of representation."