British Home Secretary faces pressure to resign over foreign offender release crisis

Saturday, April 29, 2006

British Home Secretary, Charles Clarke, is facing increasing pressure to resign from office over a scandal involving the release of foreign prisoners without subsequent deportation hearings.

It was recently revealed that, since 1999, 1,023 prisoners were released after serving their sentences, but were not subjected to deportation hearings to determine whether they should be allowed to stay in the United Kingdom. Five of the criminals have subsequently re-offended, with crimes involving drugs and violence. "It's clear that the increasing numbers of cases being referred for consideration led to the process falling down," said Clarke, "I do apologise. I have apologised, I continue to do so."

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Despite the admission of error on behalf of his department, the Home Secretary faces the very real threat of further crimes committed by the released offenders and still more pressure to resign. An intense effort is under way by the police and immigration services to track down 63 of the higher-risk released offenders, and more arrests are expected today.