British Army chief General Sir Richard Dannatt stands down

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Dannatt in York, 2007

General Sir Richard Dannatt retired from his post as Chief of the General Staff of the British Army yesterday, announcing General Sir David Richards as his successor.

Dannatt was regarded by many soldiers as a person to be admired, having campaigned for better pay and conditions for soldiers. It has been reported, however, that prime minister Gordon Brown does not agree with this view—politicians are thought to have disliked him drawing attention to the Ministry of Defence's failings.

He is expected to continue his campaign for the improvement of soldiers' pay and conditions in his new role as 159th Constable of the Tower of London.

Dannatt has opposed the invasion of Iraq since he started his job as Chief of the General Staff, and criticised the government's post-war planning.

Richards, Dannatt's successor, said, "I wish to thank General Sir Richard Dannatt for his leadership, dedication and courage as Chief of the General Staff and more broadly for his long and distinguished 40 year career." Richards served in Afghanistan, where he was appointed overall commander of international forces, making him the first British soldier to command American troops since the Second World War.


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