British 13-year-old given life for rape of teacher

Saturday, March 12, 2005 A British boy has been ordered to be detained for life for the rape of his teacher. He was just twelve years old when he attacked the teacher in County Durham last November.

The Crown Court heard that the boy had attacked the female teacher after a one-to-one session, and then drove the teacher's car away from the scene before abandoning it thirty miles away.

The boy, who also suffers from learning difficulties, admitted to the rape in court.

The defence told the court how the boy had been the victim of sexual abuse since he was very young. At just three and a half, concerns had been raised over his 'sexualised' behaviour. By four, he had been encouraged to experiment with alcohol and cigarettes.

But judge Mr Justice Grigson told the boy: "Despite your very young age, it is quite clear that you knew what you were doing."

The judge told the boy that he must serve at least 21 months of his sentence but will most likely be behind bars for much longer. He will also be on Britain's Sex Offender Register for all of his life.

The agencies which should have protected the boy in his early life have launched an enquiry into their failings.