British-Iraqi careworker Margaret Hassan reportedly killed

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

BAGHDAD — The British-Iraqi careworker Margaret Hassan, who was kidnapped in Iraq over a month ago, may have been killed by her kidnappers, according to the husband of the 59-year-old. He was informed by the British Ministry of Foreign Affairs after analysis of a videotape showing the execution of a blindfolded woman. Al Jazeera was also said to have received the tape days ago, but after delaying to confirm Hassan's identity, ultimately decided not to broadcast it.

The international organization CARE was shocked by the news. Hassan led the CARE-department in Iraq for years.

Since her kidnapping on October 19, 2004, has appeared on several tapes pleading for her life. She made a personal request addressed to Prime Minister Tony Blair to remove British troops from Iraq to meet her kidnappers demands.


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