Brazil opens XIV International Fair of Books in Cuba

Friday, February 11, 2005

HAVANA, Cuba — On Feb. 3, 2005, the Brazilian Minister of Education, Tarso Genro, opened the XIV International Fair of Books in Havana during his five day visit to Cuba. The fair is scheduled to continue until February 13, 2005.

Minister Genro opened the fair saying, "Cuba and Brazil have the same mixture and the same condition of sovereign nations." According to Genro, it was a honor for Brazil to be invited to the fair, where the country was the guest of honor.

At the fair, the Ambassador of Brazil in Cuba, Tilden Santiago, spoke in name of the Brazilian President, Lula, that the Fair of Books will help to strengthen the relatioship between both countries. "Between Brazil and Cuba there is a tradition of friendship which goes back to Cândido Portinari and Nicholas Guillén, Leo Brower and Egberto Gismont, and Alfredo Guevara and Glauber Rocha," he added.

The Brazilian delegation donated 400 complete book collections to Cuba. The Brazilian addition to the fair included lectures, handiwork, films, literature, music, poetry, art demos and shows, and information on politics and history.

Genro also met with Fidel Castro, President of Cuba. Among the subjects discussed were the interchanges between both countries in the educational field, relationships between universities, value of the Spanish language, Cuban methods of alphabetization, and Brazilian undergraduate students in Cuba.