Boxing: Pacquiao and Diaz trade verbal punches

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Las Vegas, Nevada will host the Diaz-Pacquiao match

Two days before the actual slug out between US-born fighter "Dangerous" David Díaz (34-1-1, 17 KOs) and challenger, a three title holder Filipino boxing champion, Emmanuel "Pacman" Pacquiao (46-3-2, 34 KOs) occurs in Las Vegas, Nevada on June 28, 2008 the two trades verbal punches at each other during a meeting with members of sports media.

The camp of Manny Pacquiao led by manager Freddie Roach claimed that Diaz will need a "fucking miracle" to stop 'The Pacman' from moving up to the 135 lbs. weight class where Diaz is top brass.

The side of Diaz led by Jim Strickland warned that tough Pacquiao has three belts in boxing, Diaz should not be discounted.

Boxing punters observed that Diaz has a lot of heft in the way he delivers his punches but Pacquiao's speed and strong punches are something Diaz should be wary about.

Pacquiao has won three different belts in three different weight classes of the World Boxing Council or WBC.

Diaz debuted in the boxing world when he was part of the winning United States Olympic boxing team during the 1996 Atlanta Olympic games.

The 32-year-old native of Chicago claimed the 135 lbs. title from Mexican Érik Morales and plans to defend it a third time against the Philippines' prize fighter.

Meanwhile, Pacquiao dedicated his bout against Diaz to all the victims of Typhoon Fengshen which devastated his home country, the Philippines, and killed hundreds of people.