Bombings in Iraq kill eight; many wounded

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Iraqi police say three blasts in Baghdad killed four people and wounded fourteen others on Tuesday. Three other blasts also rocked the northern city of Mosul on the same day, killing and wounding several dozen people. The explosions came as politicians continue to debate over who was responsible for the last wave of bombings, which happened exactly one week ago.

The Baghdad explosions struck at the Iraqi government's nerve center, near the heavily fortified Green Zone. Baghdad's security chief, General Qassem Mohammed Atta, reported that three explosive devices hidden in civilian vehicles blew up in parking lots in the Karrada District, close to the Green Zone. He noted that a fourth explosive device, hidden in a parked vehicle near the Iranian Embassy, was found and disabled.

The explosions were in the immediate vicinity of Iraq's Foreign Ministry building, which is covered by a gigantic Iraqi flag on one side, as repairs continue on the structure that was gutted by a massive car-bomb explosion on August 16.

Mortar attacks and assassination attempts against several Iraqi politicians were also reported elsewhere in Baghdad.

Meanwhile, the attacks in Mosul killed four people and wounded a further forty. They seemed to target a mosque and a neighbourhood, according to the Kurdish Globe, according to an unnamed doctor at a Mosul hospital.

No group has yet claimed responsibility for the bombings.