Bomb-like device attached to Florida bank teller amid robbery

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Location of Hollywood, Florida

Police in Hollywood, Florida, United States are investigating a strange bank robbery involving a bomb-like device being attached to a bank teller.

Law enforcement sources said the bomb-like device was comprised of cylinders taped together with wires.

The bank teller said that yesterday three armed men came into his house in Dania Beach, Florida and strapped the fake bomb to him. The armed men ordered the man to rob the Wachovia bank in which the man works.

Hollywood police spokesman Tony Rode said the men questioned the teller about the bank's procedures hours before the robbery.

One of the armed men made the teller and his girlfriend drive to the bank at gunpoint. The teller entered the bank and removed over US$25,000. Once the armed man received the money, he drove away, leaving the teller and his girlfriend at the bank.

Video footage from CNN showed two police officers removing the device that had been strapped to the teller. A robot was then used to detonate and destroy the device.

Rode said police questioned the teller for hours, but said "There are a lot of holes, a lot of loose ends that we're not quite sure with..."Is this legit? Was this all a hoax? Is he truly a victim?"

Police are looking for the suspects based on some vague descriptions.