Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Despite reports to the contrary, British Prime Minister Tony Blair does not intend to pull troops out of Iraq, Chinese Newspaper Xinhua reported. Despite a strong anti-war sentiment that has been growing in Iraq, particularly since British troops in Basra were attacked by protestors on the 19th. Responding allegations that the Iraqi people do not want western influence on the future of their nation, Blair said "eight and a half million Iraqis showed which future they wanted when they came out and voted in January's elections." Britain has approximately 8500 Troops in Iraq, making them the second largest military force present in Iraq.

Blair also did not respond to questions as to when he would leave office, this issue of significant concern granted the Prime Minister's falling popularity since the War in Iraq began. Despite a recently conducted poll, 57% of Britons believe that the British Military should pull out of Iraq, as well as Blair's acknowledgement that "several thousand run the terrorist insurgency around Baghdad. And yes, as a result of the fighting, innocent people tragically die.", Blair believes that the Britons and Iraqi were in favour of the occupation. Although his term will continue until 2010, the Labour party is divided over whether or not he should step down sooner.