Bin Laden banished from Islam in Iberia

Sunday, March 13, 2005 The Spain Islamic Commission — who is the guideline of the Islamic religion in Iberian territory — announced a religious decree (fatwa) against the Saudi terrorist Osama Bin Laden, for whom the religion urges the expulsion of the Islamic creed because of his criminal intentions and continuing to hide his violence and terrorist acts behind and within the Islamic religion. Islam advocates peace and brotherhood.

The Commission Secretary Mansur Escudero says that Bin Laden represents not only a danger for the Spanish society in general, but also for the Umma (Islamic community) for using the message of Muhammed with harmful intentions. The decree also extends to the members of the terrorist network Al Qaeda. According to the sentence they should not be considered as Muslims anymore, but as apostates, according to Sharia (canonical law).

While Spanish Muslims show solidarity with the victims of September 11 during their usual meetings inside mosques, at the same time Al Qaeda's radical arm in Iraq urges to do more terrorist attacks against American targets and against the European countries established in Iraq since April, 2003. The Islamic group supporting Osama Bin Laden is the Wahhabi sect, headquartered in Saudi Arabia and principally funded by Saudi princes. The Wahhabis are found in many other nations.