Baseball: Oakland Athletics defeat LA Angels 10 to 4

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Friday, April 9, 2010
Oakland Athletics 10 — 4 Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Angel Stadium of Anaheim

Main entrance Angel Stadium.
Image: Arnold C.

Yesterday, the Oakland Athletics defeated the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim 10 to 4 at an Angels' home game.

All of the A's starting line up got at least one hit. The Angels first hit was in the second inning by new designated hitter Hideki Matsui.

A's player Daric Barton reportedly twisted his right knee. This happened after Matsui's hit. Barton tripped on grass attempting to catch Matsui's hit ball. Manager Bob Geren remarked, "Someone in the dugout said, 'He twisted his knee,' and when I ran out there, I could hear fans watching the replay and giving that real ugly 'Ooo.' Right then, I knew it must have looked ugly. But he said he was fine."

Mark Saxon, an ESPN sports writer, reports if the Angels lose today's game, they will be in for their worst season start since 1961, the team's first year. The A's are at a four wins, one loss, only losing their first game, whereas the Angels have a four game losing streak.