BJP leader Pramod Mahajan dies in Mumbai

Wednesday, May 3, 2006

Senior politician and general-secretary of Bharatiya Janata Party, Pramod Mahajan, passed away in Hinduja Hospital, Mumbai at 16:10 IST (10:40 UTC) today. He was 56 . His younger brother Pravin had shot him three times from point blank range on April 22, 2006. He was given 25 bottles of blood to compensate for the extensive bleeding he suffered. His pancreas and small intestine were also damaged. Over the past 12 days his condition had remained critical yet stable. He was on a respirator, and ionotropes had to be administered to him to keep his blood pressure up. The seriousness of the condition made it unsafe for doctors to operate on him and remove the bullets lodged in his body.

Events took a turn for the worse when he developed acute respiratory distress syndrome 36 hours ago. This prompted physicians to further increase the level of respiratory support provided to him. This afternoon doctors reported that he was suffering from multiple organ failure - the first indication that his life was in grave danger. His family members and well-wishers were allowed to see him around 14:30 IST today. The attending physicians from Hinduja Hospital made an official statement of his death at 16:50 IST. Pramodji's family made the decision to cease giving him artificial ventilitaion after doctors made it clear to them that chances of Mr. Mahajan's recovery were very bleak. He will be given a state funeral tomorrow in Mumbai at 12:00 IST (6:30 UTC).