Australian rules football: 2010 Gippsland Football League finals week one

Monday, August 30, 2010

Traralgon will play in the second semi final against Maffra. They are seen here against Moe in last years second semi final.
Image: Patrick Gillett.

Week one of the Gippsland Football League (Gippsland League, GL) finals was played over the weekend at the Traralgon and Wonthaggi Recreation Reserves. The Gippsland League is the only major Australian rules football competition in the Gippsland region of Victoria, Australia.

Traralgon defeated traditional rivals Morwell in the Qualifying Final to progress to the Second Semi Final against Maffra. Morwell now progress the the elimination First Semi Final to play either Leongather or Drouin, who are playing each other in the Elimination Final for the second straight year.

Scores are quoted as goals-behinds (total). Goals are worth six points, behinds worth one.

Qualifying Final

August 28, 2010
Traralgon 18-12 (120)
Morwell 15-14 (104)
Recreation Reserve
Traralgon, Victoria

A seven goal to three second quarter couldn't propel Morwell into the second semi final as the lost to Traralgon by sixteen points.

Traralgon opened up a 23 point lead at quarter time kciking 6-1 to Morwell's 1-4. Morwell fort back, coming within four points at half time, kicking 7-2 to 3-3 for the quarter.

The hosts pushed the lead to nine points at three quarter time to set up an entertaining finish. Morwell couldn't reign in the lead as Traralgon ran out winners at home 18-12 (120) to 15-14 (104).

Elimination Final

August 29, 2010
Drouin 20-15 (135)
Leongatha 11-7 (73)
Recreation Reserve
Wonthaggi, Victoria

The 2010 Gippsland League Elimination Final saw Drouin defeat Leongatha by 62 points, a 91 point turn around from the 2009 Elimination Final.

In 2009, Leongatha had controlled the game, but in 2010 it was Drouins turn as the piled on ten goals to four in the first half.

For Drouin, a four goal opening quarter was followed up with a six goal second quarter and five goals for both the third and fourth quarters.

Leongatha could only manage a single goal in the first quarter, with three in the second. They could only kick seven more goals for the day.

Drouin, who now play Morwell in the First Semi Final, ran out winners 20-15 (135) to Leongatha 11-7 (73).


This article features first-hand journalism by Wikinews members. See the collaboration page for more details.
This article features first-hand journalism by Wikinews members. See the collaboration page for more details.