Australian Senator Bob Brown calls for ban on junk food ads

Tuesday, March 7, 2006


Australian Greens Senator Bob Brown today called for a ban on junk food advertisements during times that children are watching TV. In a press release, the Senator referred specifically to the previous night's episode of Four Corners.

"The extensive use of psychologists to analyse little children’s responsiveness to TV advertising, including how best to influence parents to buy goods by 'nagging' from children, is exploitation without honour," Senator Brown said.

The documentary, entitled How The Kids Took Over, investigated the increase in marketing to children, who "have a say" in AU$700 billion worth of spending each year. "The marketing assault is aimed not only at getting children to spend. Even companies who market adult products, such as cars, are enlisting children to help persuade their parents to buy the 'right' brand," the program summary said.

In the past the Government has rejected such calls. It recently launched a $6 million advertising campaign encouraging children to exercise an hour each day.

Senator Brown says he plans to propose a Senate Inquiry.