Australia Votes 2007: Howard and Rudd take 'me-tooism' to new heights

Monday, November 5, 2007

John Howard visited a shopping centre on New South Wales' Central Coast today an hour before Opposition Leader Kevin Rudd canvassed the same spot.

Kevin Rudd certainly fell into the 'me-too' trap today after he visited the Gosford shopping centre Erina Fair this morning one hour after the Prime Minister visited the same place. When Mr Howard entered the shopping centre he was confronted by a worker who asked him who he would 'turn gay' for. The same question was asked by Network Ten show host Rove McManus the previous night.

When Howard left the shopping centre a Labor van had pulled up in the carpark. After announcing two campaign promises, Rudd entered the shopping centre and answered some journalists' questions. The Opposition Leader then went on to say to the journalists 'zob zob zob', which is a 'vernacular for a man's genitalia', according to