Augustine volcano erupts

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Augustine Volcano erupting January 12, 2006
Map of Augustine Island

Augustine Volcano in Alaska erupted five times on January 13. Friday's activity follows two eruptions on January 11. The Alaska Volcano Observatory predicts the increased activity at Augustine Volcano will continue for several days, possibly for two to three weeks. The volcano last erupted in 1986 and 1976. The AVO expects the current activity to be similar to those two eruptions.

The eruptions have prompted Alaska Airlines to cancel 28 flights into and out of the Alaskan cities of Anchorage, Juneau, Kodiak, and Fairbanks. Ash from the eruptions is likely to spread throughout the Cook Inlet and surrounding areas.

Augustine Volcano has recently seen an increased rate of seismic activity, beginning in May, 2005. Earthquakes on the island increased from a "normal" rate of 1-2 a day to about 15 a day in mid-December. The volcano also experienced up to two inches of uplift prior to the eruptions.