At least one dead, eighteen injured after grenade attacks in Rwanda

Saturday, February 20, 2010

According to reports, at least one person has been killed and a further eighteen wounded after multiple grenade attacks in Kigali, the capital of the African country of Rwanda.

The attacks occurred at a train station, restaurant, and building housing businesses. According to the Al Jazeera news agency, five of those hurt were in serious condition.

A police spokesman commented that it was not immediately clear who was responsible for the attacks or whether they were coordinated. Spokesman Eric Kayiranga noted that "[t]here is a possibility of it being the FDLR [Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda], or criminals, or an accident. It can be any of that. We can't confirm that for now." He did, however, confirm the death toll, saying: "There was one death and eighteen injuries."

Kayiranga also reported that two people had been taken into custody following the incidents. "Two suspects were apprehended, they belong to the Interahamwe militia," he said to Agence France-Presse, referring to a militia of the Hutu ethnic group, considered responsible for the 1994 Rwandan genocide of Tutsis. "We are continuing the investigation and questioning the two suspects," the spokesman added.