At least 7 killed in Wisconsin shooting rampage

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Map of USA with Wisconsin highlighted.

The Crandon, Wisconsin shooting occurred earlier today inside a home in northeastern Wisconsin and has left at least seven dead, including the gunman. Forest County Supervisor Tom Vollmar said, "It's a pretty tragic situation here... There are five or six people dead." WTMJ Newsradio told CNN that at least two of the dead are high school students.

Ten youths were reportedly inside the house when the gunfire began.

The shooter, Tyler Peterson, was killed by a police sniper after a manhunt.

WITI-TV reports that one of the victims was a student at the Milwaukee Area Technical College.

Crandon, Wisconsin, where the shooting occurred, has a population of nearly 2,000.

The entire area was locked down, until recently, when police said they are no longer searching for any suspects. Crandon Police Chief John Dennee said, "We're not looking for anybody anymore." Crandon' Mayor, Gary Bradley, did not want to comment on the investigation, only saying, "We are going to get together and be strong...We are a strong community. We always have been. This is agonizing, but we will prevail."

A mother of one of those fatally shot said, "I'm waiting for somebody to wake me up right now. This is a bad, bad dream...All I heard it was a jealous boyfriend and he went berserk. He took them all out." A neighbor who lives by the crime scene said, "I heard probably five or six shots, a short pause and then five or six more...I wasn't sure if it was gunfire initially. I thought some kids were messing around and hitting a nearby metal building."


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