Apple releases program to limit iPod volume

Wednesday, April 5, 2006

Apple has released an application that limits the volume produced from its iPod portable music players. The software update, iPod Software 1.1.1, works with the iPod Nano and the Video version. Apple released the program in response to complaints that it had not taken necessary measures to prevent hearing loss in iPod users.

In California, a class-action lawsuit was filed against Apple in January over claims of hearing loss from iPod use.

Apple's worldwide vice-president of marketing for the iPod, Greg Joswiak, indicated that this patch is available for people who want "an easy-to-use option to set their own personal volume limit." It is available for free download.

The software also has the option of being used with parental controls to prevent children from modifying the volume.

iPods sold in France already have the volume limited, as the law forbids a sound louder than 100 decibels (dB). The American Speech Language Hearing Association published a study where it appears that iPod's (and mp3 players's) power is 120 dB, comparable to a live concert. A gunshot is 140 dB.