Am I Right webmaster interviewed on radio show

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Charles R. Grosvenor, Jr., webmaster of Am I Right, was interviewed earlier today on the EZHelp Radio Show to discuss his web sites, in particular Am I Right. The aforementioned Am I Right is one of the world's largest web sites in the world about pop music.

Grosvenor discussed his definition of a parody (Changing the words of a song to poke fun at a subject), how he got started doing websites, misheard lyrics, alleged backwards masking ("A good example is 'Stairway to Heaven'"), BBS servers ("...Web sites were very one-dimensional..."), who can submit parodies, how Am I Right came to be, sister web sites ("The 80s site goes back to 1995.") and how he deals with spam. This is the first ever interview that Grosvenor has given about Am I Right.

Chucky G, as site users call him, has been making web pages since 1995, including:,,,, Whatfreaks, Am I Right, and Am I Wrong.

Am I Right is a website devoted to making fun of popular music. This includes song parodies, misheard lyrics, stupid band names, band name origins, bad choices or on-hold music (e.g. "Baby Come Back" by Player for a missing children hotline), answers to songs, adding / removing / changing a letter in a song title, comedy song recordings, proposed duets, and proposed commercials.


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