Airshow collision kills one in Dittingen, Switzerland

Sunday, August 23, 2015

A midair collision today killed a pilot during an airshow in the village of Dittingen in Switzerland.

An Ikarus C42 from file. The aircraft involved were similar.
Image: Peter Bakema.

The crash occurred as three Ikarus C42 planes from the German Grasshopper display team flew together in formation. Two collided and crashed, with one pilot ejecting and parachuting to safety and the other remaining on board and being killed. The third plane was not directly involved and landed successfully.

The northern Swiss village is near Basel. Basel-Landschaft police spokesman Meinrad Stoecklin put the time of the accident at 11:30a.m. The airshow was first halted as rescuers arrived, then cancelled altogether. It is unclear if there are any additional injuries.

Authorities have closed down access to the scene. The killed pilot's plane struck a barn. The display team reportedly was using amateur pilots.

It is the third deadly European airshow crash in four days. On Thursday two planes carrying parachutists collided and crashed in West Slovakia. At least seven were killed. They had been practising for an airshow due to be held this weekend. Yesterday a vintage warplane crashed onto a busy road by Shoreham in England. Seven are confirmed dead, with the pilot critical and police continuing to search the scene for more bodies.