Airliner crash wounds four in Durban, South Africa

Friday, September 25, 2009

A similar aircraft with a different airline

Four people have been injured after a passenger plane on a repositioning flight crashed at Durban International Airport, South Africa. The crew was attempting a crash landing in a playing field after the Jetstream 41 aircraft developed engine trouble.

The aircraft, which belonged to Airlink, ran into difficulties shortly after takeoff, with at least one engine failing and smoke entering the cabin. It crashed about three kilometres from the airport, or 400m from the perimeter, leaving both flight crew, a flight attendant and a bystander on the ground with multiple injuries. No-one else was involved, and at least one person needed to be cut from the wreckage.

The crash at a high school field narrowly missed houses. The bystander was a cleaner who was struck by the aircraft, and is in critical condition with broken legs. The flight attendant hurt her back and face. The captain suffered injuries to his legs and face, and the first officer broke her hand, both her ankles, her hip and her ribs. She has had surgery, the others are awaiting it.

An investigation into the crash has been launched by the South African Civil Aviation Authority.


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