Aircraft makes emergency landing at Edinburgh Airport

Monday, July 30, 2007

A Q400 similar to the one that made the emergency landing

A Flybe, Bombardier Q400, had to make an emergency landing at Edinburgh Airport in Scotland after it had engine troubles on its scheduled flight from Manchester.

Thirty-six passengers were onboard flight BE7220 when the captain made the Mayday call to air traffic control at approximately 07:40 BST. The captain was forced to shut down one of the plane's two turboprop engines before finally landing safely at Edinburgh Airport at 07:50 BST.

Upon landing the plane was met by fire engines and other emergency vehicles before taxiing to the terminal building.

Jim Mulhall, a passenger on board the plane said, "When the captain told us they were going to cut an engine everyone went quiet, probably because they were apprehensive."

Normal operations at the airport have since resumed, while the aircraft is expected to resume commercial flying this afternoon.