Adrian dissipates, producing heavy rains and mudslides

Friday, May 20, 2005

Tropical Depression Adrian May 20 15:45 UTC
Tropical Depression Adrian May 20 15:45 UTC

Hurricane Adrian appears to be dissipating over Honduras, but is still providing heavy rainfall to the region. At 8 a.m. PDT, the center of now Tropical Depression Adrian was dissipating at 15.0° N, 87.5°W and was inland over western Honduras. It is moving toward the northeast at about 17 mph (28 km/h) with maximum sustained winds of 30 mph (45 km/h).

The Salvadoran Comité de Emergencia Nacional (National Emergency Committee) reported that over 15,400 people were evacuated from high risk areas.

Tropical Depression Adrian is expected to produce an additional 4 to 6 inches of rainfall over Honduras over the next 24 hours, and mudslides are a major fear for residents. The National Hurricane Center has discontinued its public advisories for Adrian unless the storm regenerates.

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