Accident on set of British television program Heartbeat

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

An accident on the set of British television show Heartbeat has taken place, involving five cast and crew members who are yet to be identified. It is believed that a tractor rolled down an embankment while filming near Whitby, North Yorkshire. Police say that none of the injuries is said to be life-threatening.

A spokeswoman for the ITV show released a statement saying that a guest actor received chest injuries. One actor was flown to Middlesbrough, one was taken to a hospital in Whitby and the remaining three were taken to Scarborough's district hospital. Four of the victims have been released.

Heartbeat is a television drama set in the 1960s which follows a group of police officers in Yorkshire. The show has also brought about a medical spin-off, The Royal. Heartbeat returns to British television later in the year.

The Health and Safety Executive is investigating the circumstances of the accident.

British newspapers have reported that the current series, the 18th, will be the last and both Heartbeat and The Royal will not be recommissioned.