69-year-old Australian mother and son on drugs charges

Thursday, December 29, 2005

A 69 year old woman and her 39 year old son from southern Australia have been charged with drug offenses following their arrest last week. Evelyn Harvey, a pensioner from Perth, and her son Johnny Harvey, from Prospect have been charged with "(possessing) a prohibited drug with intent" in Western Australia.

West Australian police arrested the pair last week after police intercepted a package sent via road courier, allegedly from the son in South Australia to his mother in Perth. The package containted 3.16kg of compressed cannabis head with a street value of AU$40,700.

Police allege that Mrs. Harvey was knowingly receiving the drugs and distributing them to dealers in Perth.

Detective Senior Saregent Dockery said "If convicted we will apply to the court to have both of them declared drug traffickers". Under Western Australia's crime legislation, the pair's property could be confiscated by the state.

According to police, $5000 in cash was also seized from the pensioner's housing commission unit.