5 reporters hurt in conflict over ex-President's monument in Taiwan

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Before the Ministry of Education removed the title the "Gate of Great Centrality and Perfect Uprightness" along the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, members of the public and politicians from Pan-Greens and Pan-Blues battled and demonstrated there, but 5 reporters were hit by a truck near the National Central Library when they made a SNG live report.

According to witnesses and Chien-chiang Wang from Formosa Television, they witnessed the driver deliberately stepping on the accelerator after he hit a reporter and braked. Even though the suspect, Sheng-lou Peng was under arrested by the police, he caused the public indignations and was punched by a protester.

Due to the incident, politicians from Pan-Greens and Pan-Blues argued for the responsibilities again. Eventually, a legislative candidate named Feng Mei maliciously said: "It's a show, SO WHAT?!" This behavior without respects on hurt reporters caused outrages from voters from Pan-Greens and Pan-Blues and Mei's neighborhoods.

Politicians from two coalitions like Premier of the Republic of China Chun-hsiung Chang, KMT 2008 Presidential Candidate Ying-jeou Ma, Magistrate of Taipei County Hsi-wei Chou, Minister of the Government Information Office Chih-wei Hsieh, and current President of the Republic of China Shui-bian Chen all criticized on this incident and hoped 5 hurt reporters can recover soon.


All the sources were in Chinese.