30 travelers from Rwanda die in Ugandan bus crash

Wednesday, June 8, 2005

A bus collision with a truck in Uganda has resulted in at least 30 fatalities and has left a further 21 injured. The bus, which was heading for Nairobi in Kenya, crashed in the Kabale district of Uganda near the Rwandan border. Of the 30 fatalities, 25 died instantly upon impact whilst the remaining 5 died later in hospital.

"There were 20 survivors, the majority of them are in critical condition," said Cyprian Gatete, Rwanda's assistant commissioner of police, during a telephone conversation with Reuters.

The survivors of the accident were initially taken to Kabale Hospital in Uganda, but were later flown back to hospitals in Rwanda. It remains to be seen what exactly caused the accident, however South African news source Independent Online is reporting that a Rwandan reporter on the scene speculated that the bus seemed to have swerved into oncoming traffic.