2008 Tour de Taiwan Stage 2: European & American cyclists rise up

Monday, March 10, 2008

The 2008 Tour de Taiwan in Pingtung County, started its second stage in the Pingtung Tropic Agriculture Exposition Park (in Chinese: 屏東熱博園區) and raced around Pingtung Orchid Fern Bicycle Lane (in Chinese: 屏東蘭花蕨自行車道) completing 8 laps today. The cyclists' speed, endurance, and physical strength played the key roles in this stage.

In the intermediate period of this race, Sea Keong Loh, Kenichiro Tose, Peter Morse, and Angus Morton ever successively sprinted for a short-term lead, but the "main group" caught up and made up the difference in just a short distance. Finally, 93 riders in the main group finished this race in 2H21m47s, but Marek Wesoły reached the finish line first to win the stage champion.

After races in Kaohsiung and Pingtung, Kam-po Wong and Po-hung Wu (巫帛宏) held the lead respectively in Asian and Taiwan Group, John Murphy got winning in the overall and sprint class.

Key results

Stage Results
  • Stage Champion: Marek Wesoły (Merida Europe)
  • Asian Leader: Sung-baek Park (Korea Seoul City Cycling, Overall in 2nd)
  • Taiwan Leader: Wei-chieh Liu (Taiwan Kinan CCD, Overall in 11th)
Overall Results
  • General Champion (Yellow Jersey): John Murphy (Health Net Pro Cycling Team)
  • Asian Leader (Blue Jersey): Kam-po Wong (Hong Kong Pro Cycling)
  • Taiwan Leader (White Jersey): Po-hung Wu (Taiwan Kinan CCD)
  • Sprint Leader (Green Jersey): John Murphy
  • Group Leader: Merida Europe


All the sources are in Chinese language.