2008 Major League Soccer: Toronto FC vs. D.C. United

Sunday, May 25, 2008

May 24, 2008
19:30 (EDT)
Toronto FC 2–3 D.C. United RFK Stadium, Washington D.C.
Attendance: 18,647
Referee: Jorge Gonzalez
Dichio Scored after 13 minutes 13' (3)
Dichio Scored after 45'+1 minutes 45'+1' (4)
Marshall Substituted off after 51 minutes 51'
Tebily Substituted on after 51 minutes 51'
Robert Booked after 62 minutes 62'
Ricketts Substituted off after 74 minutes 74'
Smith Substituted on after 74 minutes 74'
Dichio Substituted off after 75 minutes 75'
Cunningham Substituted on after 75 minutes 75'
Guevara Booked after 81 minutes 81'
Robert Sent off after 90'+5' 90'+5'
Scored after 41 minutes 41' (1) Peralta
Scored after 70 minutes 70' (4) Moreno
Scored after 72 minutes 72' (2) Emilio
Booked after 81 minutes 81' McTavish
Booked after 84 minutes 84' Quaranta
Substituted off after 85 minutes 85' Moreno
Substituted on after 85 minutes 85' Burch
Substituted off after 88 minutes 88' Quaranta
Substituted on after 88 minutes 88' Mediate

Toronto FC ended their 6 game undefeated streak after conceding 2 late goals in the 2nd Half. D.C. United also ended their 4 game losing streak.

Danny Dichio scored on the only two shots in an excellent 1st half for Toronto FC. However, Toronto FC gave up 2 goals in 2 minutes in the 2nd Half.

Toronto FC continued the pressure in the 20th minute but were not able to capitalize on a 4-on-2 counterattack that was started by Guevara and culminated with a shot from Guevara himself that was deflected away by Namoff.

D.C. United scored an equalizer on a corner kick with 4 minutes left before halftime. Devon McTavish flicked a the ball to the back post that Peralta pushed over the line with a diving header to make the score 1-1. The goal ended a 272-minute shutout streak for Sutton and Toronto FC. The streak spaned over three games.

Dichio scored with just seconds before Half-Time to regain Toronto FC's lead.

D.C. United put a lot of pressure on Toronto FC in the 2nd Half. D.C. United pressure finally paid divedend when Moreno and Emilio score 2 goals in 2 minutes to take a 3-2 lead.

The 2nd Half got worse for Toronto FC when French Winger Laurent Robert received a red card.

Toronto FC's next game is the first ever Canadian Champions League game against Montreal Impact in Montreal.