2007 Hope Parade in Taiwan inconjuncted with creation and environment awareness

Sunday, October 21, 2007

One of Parades showed the creation with creature.

With resource reusing, environmental awareness, and creations, Jane Goodall Institute Taiwan held "2007 Hope Parade" in Taiwan and lots of environmental volunteers, community colleges, and charity organizations (approximately more than 10,000 people) participated this parade walking from Taipei Municipal Hsing-an Elementary School to Ketagalan Boulevard with some materials showing the presence of five continentals.

"To respond with theory of 'Roots & Shoots' by Dr. Jane Goodall, 'Roots & Shoots Program' in Taiwan has been promoted for a long time with the living quality improving and environment awareness valuing." Hau Lung-pin (Taipei City Mayor) remarked at Opening.

According to the organizer, this parade is originally founded with some communities in Xizhi, Taipei County. To expand the global view of environment respect, this parade is chosen at Taipei City to show the particularity and differences of creatures which should be cared by common people.