2007 European football friendly match: England vs. Germany

Wednesday, August 22, 2007
London, England

England 1 2 Germany

Match Stats
Attendance 86,133
Goalscorers for England Lampard (9')
Goalscorers for Germany Kuranyi (26') and Pander (40')
Bookings (England) J. Cole (Yellow (1))
Bookings (Germany) None

Germany came from behind to defeat England at new Wembley Stadium in a friendly match.

Frank Lampard opened the scoring in the 9th minute to give himself his first international goal in 12 months.

Schalke's Kevin Kuranyi scored Germany's equaliser with what the media is labeling as a "miserable mistake" by Tottenham Hotspurs' Goalkeeper Paul Robinson in the 26th minute. Christian Pander, in his first appearance for Germany, scored the winner in the 40th minute with a 25 yard shot.

The German fans shouted in English There's only one team at Wembley! to taunt the home fans.

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