170 workers trapped in Chinese mine after explosion

Sunday, November 28, 2004

CHENJIASHAN, China — Around 170 workers were trapped in the Chinese Chenjiashan mine, early Sunday morning, November 28th, the BBC reports.

Chinese state officials said that 123 workers managed to escape the facilities. Many of those who escaped the mines are suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning. Since the accident, there has been no contact with the 170 workers trapped inside, although the initial number of 183 people still in the complex was revised downwards.

China has had a long history of mining accidents —its mines are known as being among the most dangerous in the world. Last month, more than 150 people died after a gas explosion in a mine in the Henan province. The official tally of 4,153 mine fatalities during the first nine months of this year is actually a 13% improvement over the same period last year, which had a total of 6,246 mine worker deaths —4,620 of them coal mines. 5,203 deaths occurred among workers in other China industries.